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The following page includes things that didnt fit in the other catagories. The following design were all done out of the joy of creating things, none of them were commisioned or for a company or other entity.

  • First is a Desktop Wallpaper design I created for the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto V, the images are screenshot from the game's trailer, and everything else was created by myself.
  • Second is a design of a possible look for Windows Live Messenger, I created the mockup of the skin in Photoshop, it is based on the dark Windows Vista Aero look.
  • Third is a mockup of the possible look of the 6th generation iPod Nano that I came up with before it was announced by splicing together images of other Apple products, as you can see, it was quite accurate.
  • The forth image is an old design of mine for a website a few years ago, an internet forum I was a memeber of to do with MSN Messenger were looking to redesign thier website, and a few of us decided to give it a shot, in the end they didn't actually change their design though because the website became less popular.
  • Fifth is a small logo design I created using my online alias, Lukeyy19.
  • The sixth image is a design for a retail package for the rumoured video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Stories on the Playstation Vita, I used promotional images from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to created the design and rebuilt the Grand Theft Auto logo to incorperate the new name.

Shown below the slideshow are two little animated .gif images I created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Imageready.

animated image

aniamted image 2

Created by Lukeyy19 - Website is still under construction and subject to change