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The first shot shows us a Road Bicycle in action that we've only seen partially in a screenshot.

Pic 1


We later see Michael and his son riding another type of Bicyle, could be a Mountain Bike or a Large BMX. Also visible is the, shall we say, updated physics engine.

pic 2


Early in this first trailer we see a scene of people enjoying the beach front, in the background you'll notice the Pleasure Pier theme park with the Ferris Wheel, or Big Wheel rotating, this shows that unlike in IV, the rides are open and operational this time around.

pic 3


Also seen in Michael's trailer is a Towtruck crashing into a Gruppe Sechs Securicar Van, as it hits the van it forces it through a concrete barrier, smashing it to pieces, this may be an idication of RAGE having more damage physics this time around, but it could just be a clip from a cutscene.

pic 4


We see a guy getting shot by a sniper (presumably Michael), as he is hit, the bullet passes through him and we see an exit wound, perhaps the bullet engine from Max Payne 3 is used in Grand Theft Auto V to an extent.

pic 5


And lastly in Michael's trailer, it's a Jumbo Jet, we've seen these in IV but it wouldn't be suprising if these were drivable this time. Also You can see the jet thrust from the engines flinging a police car into a somersault.

pic 6



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One of the first shots in Franklin's trailer shows us a carwash just outside of downtown Los Santos, noticable here is the Buffalo car being cleaned, it appears to have a custom black and red paintjob, so either this is a special edition of the Buffalo, or an indication to at least a modicum of car customisation, at least to the point of paint jobs. Up in the sky we finally get a good view of the blimp/airship we kept seeing in previous trailers.

pic 7


Another quick clip, has an Infurnus seen in the background, but it also has a unique paintjob that we havent seen before.

pic 8


A couple of times during the trailer we see Franklin's dog, Chop, other than the dog seen on the beach in the first scene of the first trailer, Chop is still the only dog we have seen, there hasn't been any glimpses of pedestrians with dogs yet, however in the second image below, one of Franklin's friends appears to be holding a dog lead.

pic 9

pic 10


This scene shows Franklin driving an SUV with a Declasse badge on the front, the only SUV or truck by Declasse has been the Rancher, so this vechicle might be a modern version of the Rancher.

pic 11


Shown here lastly is Franklin wielding a Shotgun, this shotgun has a tactical light attached to the side unlike others seen throughout the trailer, perhaps another indication of customisable weapons.

pic 12



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Trevor's a crazy bastard, we've already gathered that much, but before we get into the screenshots, the first dialogue in Tevor's trailer is Michael saying "I ever tell you about Trevor?". Based on the order of the trailer's themselves and this line of dialogue, it can be asumed we meet Michael first in the game, followed by Franklin, and lastly Trevor.

Shown below is Trevor attacking a man with a baseball bat, on the guy's hoodie is The Lost MC's logo, another hint to the Los Santos branch of The Lost MC playing a role in Grand Theft Auto V.

pic 13


Another shot of Trevor smacking some guy with a baseball bat, a common theme in this trailer, shows another man in the background recording the fight/attack on his mobile phone.

pic 14


These two clips below show a new pickup truck, the grille and badge remind me of a Dodge, also seen is a range of different trailers being towed by vehicles, the ability to hook up a range of trailers laying around to various vehicles is a nice addition, rather than trailers being some sort of wierd solid unmovable object as previously.

pic 15

pic 16


Here we see Trevor driving what looks to be another new truck but a more beaten up model, followed by the return of the infamous Tractor.

pic 17


And now back to Trevor attacking people, he is seen here strangling an elderly gentleman, behicnd them there are some interesting vehicles though, in the back is a red sports car that looks familiar to a Ferarri 599 or California, in front of which is what appears to be a Feltzer, and on the driveway is a closer look at the Tesla Roadster looking vechicle we saw a glimpse of in Trailer 2.

pic 18


In the same scene we see an elderly woman defend the man that Trevor is strangling by hitting him with her bag, I mentioned in the first trailer how the AI may now recognise couples and groups of friends and react to events accordingly, this looks like another example of that. Also seen driving past is a vechicle reminiscent to an Alfa Romeo 147 hatchback.

pic 19


Another scene shown below shows Trevor firing a shotgun, seen behind is yet another hint to The Lost MC playing a part in this game, with a painted logo for The Lost MC's Los Santos branch on the side of a shack.

pic 20


In this clip of Trevor jacking a car, I'm not sure if the car he is stealing is a new car or not, it's quite generic looking, but behind is a 4x4 that looks like it might be modeled on the Range Rover Evoque.

pic 21


This image is here because you just need to look at that scenery.

pic 22


The last screen I'm showing here is a quick clip of Trevor jacking a helicopter in mid air, which might be a new game mechanic, but could just be a cut scene.

pic 23


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Lastly this is a gallery slideshow of some other screens from the trailers showing some of the multitude of outfits worn by the 3 protagonists during the trailers.



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